1981 Veszprém, Hungary

Based in London



2001-2006 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, MA Fine Art, Painting Department, Budapest

2005-2005 Chelsea College of Arts, MA Fine Art, Erasmus Scholarship, London

2000-2001 University of Pécs, MA Fine Art, Painting Department, Pécs

1999-2000 Interior Designer School, Budapest

1995-1999 III. Béla Grammar School, Faculty of Drawing, Zirc



2012 Afternoon Tea, Canvas and Cream, London

2011 Black-Widow, Roham Gallery, Budapest

2009 Springtime, Coffeinn Cafe and CentrArt Club, Budapest

2009 Synthetic fibre/Nylon, Boulevard& Brezsnyev Gallery, Budapest

2009 English Garden, Castle Gallery, Veszprém

2008 ‘Rose oil’, VAM Design Gallery, Budapest

2007 Bezerédi Gallery, Veszprém

2002 Fonó Community Centre, Budapest



2017 Old School, Zsolnay Quarter, m21 Gallery, Pécs

2016 Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2013 Veszprém’s Eight’s Plus, Hagen

2013 Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2011 Hungarian Day of Painting, Hungarian National Gallery

2011 The challenge of the cravat, Budapest Gallery

2011 Hungarian Beauty, Cékl’art

2010 Veszprém’s Eight’s Plus, Zalaegerszeg

2010 Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2010 Veszprém’s Artsguild, Komárom

2009 References, Révfülöp

2009 Eachmanwantstobehappy, First Hungarian Scenis Collection

2009 Suicide Girls Group Exhibition, Budapest

2009 ErotikART Art Exhibition, Győr

2008 Bill of Dreams Exhibition, Balatonfüred

2008 VAM Design Center, VAM’Art Project, Budapest

2007 Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2007 Essl Competition, Ludwig Museum, Budapest

2006 Diploma Exhibition, Barcsay Hall

2005 Amadeus Competition, Barcsay Hall

2004 MKE (Univ. of Fine Arts) Introduction Art-exhibition, Sopron

2003 Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2002 Pictures of the mirror, First Hungarian Scenis Collection, Tapolca-Díszel

2001 ‘Orbis Pictus’-Exhibition, Hungarian Millennial Art-exhibition



2016 Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. Prize, Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2010 AIR artist-in-residence Krems, Budapest Gallery

2007 Nívó Prize, Spring Art-exhibition, Veszprém

2005 Erasmus Scholarship, Chelsea College of Arts, MA Fine Art, London

2001 Szőnyi István Prize, Zebegény



2008 Magyar Televízió ‘Flowering wallpapers’ portrait film.



Most of my artworks are site-specific installations, complex interiors, environments, and I use lots of materials in my work. I have many paintings, various applications and smaller-bigger pieces objects. I am interested in land art projects, I work inside and outside, the nature is my new studio.


As a feminine artist and a woman has been employed in traditional female roles, like house works: cleaning, washing, cooking. I am interested in the kitsch, the ready-made art and the objects transformation. Collecting mania is my lifestyle that accompanies me all way in my life.

In recent years, my favorite pattern is floral motive, this is absolutely feminine atmosphere of my artworks. My flowers, roses are sometimes very fresh marks while on the other hand they make a decorative silhouette on the surface of my pictures. As a figurative painter I have always preferred still-life, conversation pieces and interior spaces. I like the repeating wallpaper, drapery patterns and the geometric ornamentations. Most of the times I operate in series. I like the touch of associations and alliteration, my titles help to start and rethink.


Currently I have been exhibited tampon installations in the exterior places like gardens, parks and cemeteries. I made a photo documentation from the site-specific hygienic models. I am keen on the contact between the little white sensual materials and the colorful buds, flowers and crops. I apply a honey as a glue on the surface of the sanitary tampons and I dip into the top of them on multi-colored cake candies. Or sometimes I leave the whole white cotton cone as we use in the ordinary life and I just change the blue hangers or I play with the nylon capsules. It depends on the settings, but I always choose the decorative way, and I try to follow the nature's harmony and my own comfort zone...

In the last couple years, the sanitary papers as a raw material are interested in and excited the sterility, the intimacy of them. At the same time, my aim is minimal art. I have been used a hint of paint or modification on the surface. Occasionally I hang on the lavatory sheets from the clothesline, and the other hand I display the scrolls on porcelain plates, as a still-life situations. My toilet paper series work like my every day's diary, memory. My bizarre collection follow up my daily life, and my personal needs...

My installations are affected Karla Black’s hanging works, Richard Hamilton's Pink Landscape and Sarah Lucas’s art. My style of motives have been inspired by porcelain/ textile designs, the pattern painting/ decorative art, and everything that is casual, kitschy and plastic.

Well, it is much more interesting playing with the colors of clothes on the drying line after washing. Mocking life situation is a reference to the traditional woman roles, to the fact that our existence in this world is meaningless without purpose and the eternal desire for creating something.

Creation has become the part of my life. I create something new on the canvas, inside the frame of the picture and even away from the easel. My work is continuous, I live with it and I cannot and do not want to break away from it. It dominates my casual life, my minutes, my dreams; it follows me anywhere I go. It settles me down somehow, however, frustrates me as well that I cannot live without connections. I cannot just live...